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New Storms Hit California as Wet Winter Brings More Flooding, Winds and Heavy Snowfall *Centurion Insurance AFS*

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AccuWeather meteorologists on Sunday forecasted the “relentless wet pattern” will continue for residents along the West Coast at least the middle of the week, as stormy conditions will moved onshore withrounds of locally heavy rainfall and a renewed risk for flooding.

“While this storm is not expected to be as fierce as the ones earlier in the month, the latest in the train of storms will be dangerous, posing several risks to people and property- including a renewed flood risk and gusty winds for some along the West Coast, and for central and northern California, it can bring severe thunderstorms and even an isolated tornado across parts of Northern and Central California on Monday and even across parts of Southern California on Tuesday,” said AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jonathan Porter. “The storm has the potential to once again slow travel and activities, including business activities, in the state.”

Porter warned that in areas with a risk for flash flooding risk, people should watch for and avoid rapidly rising water, while near hilly terrain, there will once again be a mudslide risk.

The storm will continue to push rain across inland portions of the state early this week as well, with a widespread area both along the coast and north of the San Joaquin Valley expected to receive between 2 to 4 inches of rain through Wednesday. Areas along the Northern California coast, upslope regions as well as a zone north of the Los Angeles Basin, may contend with between 4 and 8 inches of rain.

The heaviest rain will focus along the Central Coast into Monday, and then along the coast in Southern California from Monday into Tuesday, including Los Angeles. Strong winds may continue through Monday afternoon across Northern and Central California.

Saturated ground could lead to downed trees and power lines, according to forecasters.

Winds are expected to range from 30 to 50 mph across Central and Northern California through Monday, with some mountain locations at risk for gusting higher.

In addition to heavy rain, forecasters say that strong to severe thunderstorms can rumble into Monday evening. Risks across this zone can range from gusty winds and downpours to isolated tornadoes.

Forecasters are not expecting the risks to be as widespread as the storms that struck California from Feb. 3-5 because the storm will be losing energy as it approaches rather than strengthening.

Heavy snowfall will quickly spread across the Sierra Nevada early this week, with totals around 2 to 3 feet possible in northern areas. Snow levels are expected to remain around 6,000-7,000 feet through most of the event for the Sierra, and multiple feet of snow can fall above 7,000 feet.

Winter storm warnings have been issued across the mountains for weather expected through Wednesday morning.


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