“Our office is available 24 hours, 7 Days a week. Post Coronavirus, we mainly operate remotely and we are available in our office by appointment. We have several representatives available to take care of your needs however we understand the need to sometimes come into our place of business in order for you to meet with one of our Protection Specialists and discuss your concerns. We highly value the person to person relationship and are readily available to meet with you in person”.
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Insurance News You Can Use!

USA Today! Farmers, AAA, and Bankers Insurance Co’s have opted to Non Renew! Many if not all of their Florida Home Insurance Policies! The crisis is escalating, However We Still Have Many Options! Let our Personal Protection Agents find you the most affordable coverage available!
We have over 50 Company Appointments and 30 General Agency Appointments in order to service every Insurance Need you may have! We Will Not Be Undersold! Period! We Give a Lowest Rate Guarantee! No Other Agency Can Boast This Claim!

Centurion Insurance Agency

We are in the business of helping people. We help consumers save money, We help businesses reduce risk and we help families protect and preserve their financial future.

Dwelling Protection Coverage - Home Owner Insurance!

Your Home is your Sanctuary! Do Not Under Insure your most Precious Asset! From your Dwelling to your Personal Contents and Liability coverage's you need to be Properly Protected. Never skimp on your Families Security! If your home is severely damaged in a Storm or Fire, would you have enough money in the bank to replace it or even supplement the difference of being under insured? Probably not, so trying to cut corners on insuring it should never be an option. Let our Personal Protection Specialist(s) properly insure your greatest possession through utilizing the latest technology to value the replacement cost of your home and making sure your Family's Security is never in Jeopardy.

What goes into Automobile insurance?

Automobiles pose the Greatest Threat to your Personal Liability. Every day we get into these incredible machines that have incredible capability to cause Great Harm to others. We drive to and from place to place each and every day without thinking of the responsibility that we each have to operate our vehicles in a cautious and prudent manner. Cars are the main mode of transportation in our country and every year each teenager goes through a Rite of Passage and Earns the Privilege of becoming a Motorist. With that Rite of Passage comes Great Moral and Ethical responsibility on both the Parent and Sibling. Do not allow a single Automobile Accident to ruin years of Savings in your bank account by carrying the Bare Minimum protection. You owe it to your FAMILY to make sure your security comes first!

Motorcycle Insurance - Protect That RIDE!

We represent several Motorcycle insurance carriers that enable us to secure the best possible rate combined with the most protection afforded. Each ride is a different classification and our Protection Specialist(s) will make sure your ride is fully protected!
As most agencies do in order to get the lowest price, sacrificing protection.

You're Business is Your Livelihood!

You would never under insure your HOME? Why would you Under Insure you're Business! We are Business Protection Specialists! We will make sure your EXPOSURE is not out there and Under Insured, from Unscrupulous Attorney's! Every day we are bombarded by advertising from Attorney's stating how much money they will secure their clients by suing the hard working Businesses that provide needed services and or products. Time and Time again, these Attorney's make millions on the backs of the small business owner's who's only crime is to provide needed services and products that the consumer wants and needs! These Attorney's are like Vultures flying about looking for a big payday on your hard earned work!

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business involves the use of a vehicle like a pick up truck, cargo van, trailer full of tools and or equipment, then Commercial Auto Insurance is necessary to protect the assets and liability that your Personal Automobile Insurance will specifically not provide coverage for. Many business owners make the mistake that their personal automobile insurance will cover them while operating a vehicle for business. The fact is there is little or no coverage for any vehicle use in the pursuit of business operations. That is where our Personal Protection Specialist(s) will help you with the proper coverage for the use of your business vehicle.

Commercial Truck
Commercial Truck and Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

As an over the road Trucking Professional you want the very best and most comprehensive coverage for your livelihood! Our Commercial Protection Specialist(s) will tailor a comprehensive protection plan to cover your Physical Damage, Property and Liability along with Inland Marine protection for your Valuable Cargo! We will provide you with the absolute best rate combined with the most detailed coverage. As a Professional Driver, you know you cannot afford to skimp on protecting your livelihood, and that expensive Rig, that must operate each and every day! in order for you to remain profitable.

Commercial Truck
Boat or Personal Water Craft?
Why Insure You're Boat or Personal Water Craft?

Our Boat and Marine Specialists, will seek the best possible rates while making sure the most protection is afforded to you our insured. Do not go out on the water without making sure your vessel is fully protected for type of boating and recreation you are engaging in. From Fishing to Water Skiing, and Scuba Diving, we will make sure you have the proper coverage! The worst event that can take place is being involved in a vessel collision with an UNINSURED Boater! You will even be covered for that!

Boat or Personal Water Craft?
What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by state government — typically by the secretary of state — to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.

Mobile Notary?
What is a Mobile Notary?

A Mobile Notary is a Notary Public who travels to your home or office to notarize a specific document or a set of documents.

Mobile Notary?

Getting married is a big step in a person’s life. Naturally, you want the right person to perform your marriage ceremony. You can choose between religious figures, such as priests, ministers, rabbis, and others, or public figures, such as judges, court clerks, and justices of the peace. But there is also a third choice that many don’t know about.

Free Notary Services!
Free Notary Services!

We Offer Free Notary Services to All Our Clients who have at least 1 Active Insurance Policy in force! We will offer Free Notary Services to all our Insureds and Immediate Family Members! who have at least 2 active in force policies with our Agency!

Free Notary Services!
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At Centurion Insurance and Financial Services, we strive to make The Insurance Process Easier through a combination of Technology, Personal Service, and Education. Our Personal Protection Specialists are dedicated to your satisfaction and understanding of the type of protection you need. We provide CHOICE! We know that one size does not fit all, and we can offer more options for you to Choose! Our Personal Protection Specialists will work one on one with you to build the perfect plan and establish a long lasting relationship.


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