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    "Drone” means any aircraft without an on‐board pilot, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unpiloted aerial vehicle and a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA)





    Aerial Photography/VideographyMappingConstructionEducation/trainingSurveillanceInspections/SurveysLaw EnforcementEmergency Services/Search and RescueOil/Gas/Energy/Rail/TransportationMilitary (non‐combat)Product Demonstration/TrainingCommunicationSpecial EventsOther(Please describe)

    Industrial (near numerous non‐residential buildings)Rural (limited, if any, exposure to people and property on groundSuburban (numerous nearby buildings/moderate population)Urban (city centers, heavily populated areas)IndoorOutsideDaytimeNighttime (after sunset and before sunrise)Over water (rivers/ponds/small lakes/marina)Over open water (large lakes/seas/oceans)Inclement/Severe weatherOther(Please describe)

    Thermal ImageryAtmospheric/Weather ResearchCargo/Freight CarryingWeaponry (apparatusthat could cause physical harm to persons or property other than the drone itself)Other (please describe)

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    The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012[32]sets a deadline of 30 September 2015, for the agency to establish regulations to allow the use of commercial drones. In the meantime, the agency claims it is illegal to operate commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, but approves non‐commercial flights under 400 feet if they follow Advisory Circular 91‐57, Model Aircraft Operating Standards, published in 1981. By signing below you understand that insurance does not cover fines or penalties or any liabilitiesincluding claims,suits, demands or defense costs arising from or related to criminal acts.