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 At Centurion

we pride ourselves on having personalized and prompt customer service. We know how important a surety bond is to you and your business. We exhaust all of our resources to get you the fastest turnaround and the lowest rates. We also specialize in finding alternatives for clients that may not fit in the Standard Market. We can help anyone including clients with less than perfect credit, bankruptcies, past claim history, non-citizens, etc.


What is a Contractor Bond?

Contractor license bonds are legally enforceable contracts binding together three separate parties.

  1. The construction professional buying the contractor license bond acts as the principal.
  2. The entity requiring the contractor to be bonded acts as the obligee.
  3. The company issuing the bond and guaranteeing the contractor’s obligation acts as the Centurion Insurance AFS.

If a contractor fails to fulfill the bond’s terms, then the obligee can make a claim on the contractor bond as a way to gain compensation for any damages.

However, the Surety Bond Insurance will not simply absorb the loss. Whereas underwriters of traditional insurance policies assume there will be a loss, Surety Bons Insurance underwriters consider the policies they write to have no risk.

In the event a claim is made against the bond, the contractor is expected to reimburse the Surety Bond Insurance Co for any money it pays when settling the claim.

Who is Protected by a Contractor Bond?

A frequent misunderstanding of contractor license bonds is they protect the contractor from being held liable for damages. Although bonds are generally issued by an insurance company, Surety Bond Insurance differs from a traditional insurance policy.

This type of surety bond actually protects the general public by guaranteeing construction professionals will adhere to whatever stipulations are found within the bond’s legal language. By purchasing contractor license bonds, construction professionals agree to work according to certain regulations, thus protecting government agencies and consumers from potential financial loss.

Save Money on Your Contractor License Bond

Many contractor bonds are subject to review by an underwriter who will approve the bond based on the applicant’s qualifications, such as credit score at the time of application.

Applicants with exceptional credit are typically approved to pay as little as 1% of the total bond amount. For example, a $10,000 contractor bond would cost the applicant just $100 for the bond’s term. Even if an applicant has less-than-stellar credit, Centurion Insurance AFS can often get an approval at a rate of 2-5% of the bond amount. We even offer financing, so applicants have the option to make smaller, more manageable payments.

Regardless of your credit, Centurion Insurance AFS works with several of the largest providers in the industry, meaning we will shop around until we have secured your lowest available rate for your contractor bond! Apply today by clicking on the link! and a Personal Protection Specialist will contact you shortly!

Get Your Contractor Bond Quickly & Easily

To become licensed contractors, applicants will have to complete more steps than just securing a general contractor bond. That is why we pride ourselves on ensuring you get the exact contractor bond you need quickly and easily—quotes are typically provided within one business day. Some bonds can even be purchased and delivered electronically on the same day if purchased online using our secure bond checkout.

Construction professionals who are ready to get bonded in order to secure a general contractor’s license can reach our surety specialists through the following methods:

  • Give our experts a call at 813.995.6013 or fill out our quick link and a specialist will contact you to discuss your options as soon as possible.