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Regulators to Review Power System Performance During Recent Winter Storms *Centurion Insurance AFS*

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U.S. energy regulators have launched a review of the performance of the bulk power system during recent winter storms in January that brought Arctic air across much of North America, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) said on Tuesday.

“While the bulk power system operated without any major incidents during the period, operators in some regions encountered difficulties in maintaining system reliability,” the NERC said in a press release.

The review will help guide future winter storm preparations and operations by NERC, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and NERC’s Regional Entities.

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The review will look at progress made since FERC and NERC completed joint inquiries into two recent winter storms, Uri in 2021 and Elliott in 2022. The regulators plan to deliver the results of the review no later than June 2024, NERC said.

Elliott was the name given to the system that brought frigid cold and blowing winds, knocking out power for more than 1.5 million homes and businesses across the United States in December 2022.

In November 2023, the U.S. energy regulators urged lawmakers to fill a regulatory blind spot to maintain reliable supply of natural gas during extreme cold weather that was highlighted by an inquiry into power outages during Elliott.


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